Please Note : Govt has introduced concept of ‘Udyam Registration’ w.e.f. 01/07/2020 for existing registered under ‘EM-II’ & ‘Udyog Aadhar Memorandum - UAM’ as well as new MSME enterprises.

Udyam Registration Fee

What is the fee for Udyam Registration?

There are many queries related to udyam registration fees that are searched all over the internet and people want to know how much they cost for the new udyam registration or for re-registration for existing users.

So today in this short guide, we will clear all your doubts regarding the udyam or msme registration fee and give complete knowledge about it.

Details About the Udyam Registration Fee

Whenever we think of any registration then the first thing that comes to mind is about the cost of registration. So let us first check what is the fee of udyam or msme registration.

There is two option by which you can do the Udyam/MSME registration:

  • First is through the official government portal, where you can do the registration at free of cost but the government procedure is very tough, time consuming and also not easily understandable by the new users.

  • Second through a private consultant like, which will charge you a very affordable consultancy fee and do the registration on behalf of you and saves your energy and time.

So now you have understood about udyam registration fee detail then refer below for our consultancy charges.

Our Consultancy Charges for Udyam/MSME Registration

We charge an very affordable fee for the msme or udyam registration which you can check below:

  1. Udyam/MSME Registration for new users:

  2. The consultancy fee for new Udyam Registration is Rs 2700.

  3. Udyam/MSME Registration for already existing users:

  4. The consultancy fee for Udyam Registration for existing users is Rs 1999.

What are the Benefits of Having Udyam Registration?

There are lots of benefits of having udyam registration:

  • Benefits of government schemes.

  • 100% security free bank loans.

  • Subsidy will be given on bank loan interest rate, patent & barcode registration, etc.

  • Default and delayed payment protections.

  • Water & electricity bill payment concession.

  • Priority will be given on government tenders.

Details About the Udyam Registration Fee

The Process for Udyam Registration is very simple and easy:

Step 1: First visit our udyam portal.

Step 2: Fill in all the details as asked in the MSME form.

Step 3: Make online payment for your application.

Step 4: Your application will be processed by our executive.

Step 5: Get certificate via registered email address.

Why Us?

We are private consultants that help startups & entrepreneurs to register under msme portal. Our portal provides a single window for hassle free registration. Our portal is fully safe and secure for all kinds of services related to msme.

If you have any queries then feel free to reach us at and we will contact you shortly.