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Udyam Registration - Process, Documents Required & Benefits

The Udyam Registration is a new online process for a business, companies, and enterprises that intends to register under the ministry of micro, small, or medium enterprises. It is a new announcement of the Indian Government to boost small-scale businesses in the country and below we have mentioned the entire information regarding Udyam registration.

What is Udyam?
What is Udyam Registration?
What is Udyam Registration Certificate?
Why Udyam Registration? How to apply for it?
URN (Udyam Registration Number)
Meaning of Udyam
Udyam Registration Process
Documents Required for Udyam Registration
Benefits of Udyam Registration
Udyam Registration Due Date
New Definition of MSME under Udyam

What is Udyam?

An enterprise that has been registered under the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise, referred to as Udyam in the Udyam Registration portal.

What is Udyam Registration?

Udyam registration is the updated registration module introduced by the Indian Government for micro, small-medium enterprises. The old name Udyog Aadhaar registration is replaced with Udyam registration.

What is Udyam Registration Certificate?

An e-certificate from the Udyam Registration Portal, which is issued on completion of the registration process is called a Udyam Registration Certificate.

Why Udyam Registration? How to apply for it?

Earlier startups need to get MSME registration SSI registration or Udyog Aadhaar registration to get registered under MSME. They had to go through a long process, too many documentation procedures and they had to run after various government departments.

Now the Ministry of Micro-medium Enterprises declared a new process Udyam registration, which is a hassle-free online process to register under MSME. Now one just needs to fill up the Udyam online form to get register.

Businesses registered under Udyam, the New MSME Legislations are eligible to receive the benefits of several government schemes such as subsidies, easy loan approvals, and many more.

Now enterprises who want to register under micro, small, or medium enterprises should register for Udyam Registration online in the Udyam Registration portal - udyamregistration.co, based on self-declaration with few requirements.

The Udyam Registration process for any business is a very simple, fast, and easy online procedure for all units which are eligible to get covered under the new definition of MSMEs provided by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

udyamregistration.co will register you as a Udyam Company very easily. This Udyam Registration will give you more benefits to enjoy Government Schemes.

URN (Udyam Registration Number)

After the Udyam registration, an enterprise is called as Udyam. And they will be assigned a unique and permanent identification number which is called Udyam Registration Number.

Meaning of Udyam

The Ministry of MSME - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise declared a new formal statement that says that from July 01, 2020, an MSME will be called Udyam, and the online registration process will be known Udyam Registration.

Udyam Registration Process

The process for Udyam Registration is simple and easy to follow.

Step 1: Visit the Udyam Registration Website.
Step 2: Fill in all the details on the Udyam Registration Form. Make sure you enter all the details correctly.
Step 3: Make the online payment for your Udyam registration Application.
Step 4: One of the registration executives will process your Udyam registration process application.
Step 5: In 1-2 hr you will receive your Udyam registration certificate on your registered email address.

Documents Required for Udyam Registration

  1. In the case of Proprietorship firm
  2. Aadhaar number is required for Udyam Registration
  3. In the case of Limited Liability Partnership or Company
  4. GSTIN and PAN along with its Aadhaar number is required for Udyam Registration

Benefits of Udyam Registration

New benefits of Udyam Registration, under the Indian Government's new scheme, are as follows.
  1. Direct tax laws rules exemption
  2. Patent registration subsidy
  3. Industrial Promotion Subsidy (IPS) Subsidy Eligibility
  4. Interest rate Subsidy on Bank loans
  5. Collateral free loans from banks
  6. Protection against delayed payments, against material/services supplied
  7. Special beneficial reservation policies in the manufacturing/ production sector
  8. Ease of obtaining registrations, licenses and approvals.
  9. Msme Registered entity gets eligible for CLCSS (credit linked capital subsidy scheme)
  10. International trade fair special consideration
  11. Government security deposit (EMD) waiver (Useful while participating tenders)
  12. Electricity bills concession
  13. Stamp duty and registration fees waiver
  14. ISO certification fees reimbursement
  15. NSIC performance and credit rating fees subsidy
  16. Barcode registration subsidy

Udyam Registration Due Date (Important Note)

As per the Ministry of MSME notification dated 26.06.2020, all existing (old and new) MSME companies must convert to new Udyam immediately. Just register it here.

As per the Ministry of MSME notification, every business unit registered under MSME / Udyog Aadhaar / SSI shall be treated as a valid MSME up to 31st March 2021 only.

Therefore, all the existing (old and new) enterprises must convert to Udyam Registered Company on or before 31st Mar 2021 to avail of latest the Udyam Benefits.

The Indian government is coming up with new strategies, norms, reforms, and schemes to encourage businesses in India. If you are one of the upcoming startups or entrepreneurs and looking for Udyam registration.

Then feel free to fill out this Udyam registration form, and make your business registered under the Udyam.

If you need further help, talk to our Udyam registration expert. You can just fill out the Udyam registration form @ udyamregistration.co
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